Citation (Ticket) Procedures

The City of Jewett court docket is the schedule of the court. Defendants will be expected to adhere to the procedures and protocol of the court at all times, including proper attire.

All mobile devices, including phones, must be turned off. Photography and audio recordings are prohibited. No food or drink will be allowed in the court room at any time.


If you received a ticket (citation) in the city limits of Jewett, at the bottom of the ticket is "On or Before" date which has a date.  The City of Jewett works on a "Walk-In" court where you may come in at any time during court hours to make arrangements to either take care of your ticket or make arrangements with the Judge. 

The City of Jewett accepts cash, cashier's checks, money orders, and credit cards for all types of payments.  The mailing address of the Court is:  PO Box 235 Jewett, TX 75846. 

For credit card payments, please click here.   The City of Jewett is fully integrated with TPG (The Payment Group) for your credit card needs.  There are several ways to make your payment on their website and the amount due on your citation is always up-to-date.


There are eligibity requirements for some of the options available:

CASES (17 years old or older):

1.  PAYMENT - Payment--you must make a plea of either Guilty or "No Contest" and waive appearance of trial by judge or jury.  A conviction is entered and the conviction will be reported to DPS.  Note:  if you want to pay but do not have the money for the entire amount at this time, you may appear before the judge and see if you are eligible for other arrangements. KEEP CASE OFF RECORD WITHOUT TRIAL - Please enter a plea of "no contest" and, if eligible, complete a Driver Safety Course or Deferred Disposition so that if successfully completed, your case will be dismissed and not be on your driving record as a conviction.  For information on:

Defensive Driving (Driver Safety Course): contact the court until website is complete with information

Deferred Disposition: Contact the court and speak with the Judge about how to request Deferred Disposition or you may also request Deferred Dispostion by clicking here: Jewett Muncipal Court Deferred Dispostion Request

2.  COMPLIANCE DISMISSAL - There are certain violations that may be dismissed if your provide proof to the court.  These include mechanical issues, registration, and proof of insurance.  Most require a small dismissal fee.  Note: To be eligible for dismissal of expired registration, you must show proof of paying a late fee when you got your registration renewed.

3.  TRIAL BY JUDGE OR JURY - You must return your plea of not guilty to the Court ON OR BEFORE your appearance date.  Your appearance and plea will be entered and you will be notified of your court date.  You may also request to speak to the prosecutor to get other recommendations that he/she might make to the court to prevent you from having to go to trial.

4.  CONTINUANCE/EXTENSIONS - If you need to reset a court date or need extra time to comply with a court order, you may mail in a request to the judge at least 3 days before your court date or appear in person.

UNABLE TO PAY - If you owe fines and fees and are unable to pay, you must appear before the judge so that your ability to pay and other options are discussed in order to satisfy your fines.

CASES (16 years old or younger): If you are age 10-16, you MUST appear in Court with your parent(s) or guardian(s).  A court docket notice will be mailed to the address on your citation.  If the address on your citation is incorrect, please provide your new address to the court in writing.

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